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We Tested It – Homemade Weed Killer

I saw it all over Facebook – “cheap and safe homemade weed killer” comments would proclaim.

Being so “trendy,” I wanted to check it out. I actually wanted to try and find a cheaper solution due to the amount of product as we use.

A trip to our local Wally store to get supplies, combined with simple math resulted in the cost of the homemade weed killer being HIGHER than that of our popularly used concentrate. Only about $.06 per gallon, so not much difference… and (remember they keep saying) it’s so much better…

After mixing the 3 readily available ingredients to make the spray, taking more time than adding water to a concentrate; I set out to spray weeds of various types and sizes on a bright sunny day, with temperature in the high 90’s.

Waited a few days and walked around to see the results…

The RESULT: Not good – much worse that our normal product. Some weeds didn’t look affected at all.

You be the judge (pictures).

Have you tried this home remedy? What were your results?

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