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Marketing via Vehicle Wrap

On my drive in to work I saw a newer model SUV with a great vehicle wrap. Further along my drive, I saw a full size pick up - same name as I’d seen on just a few miles before.

I don’t remember seeing this particular company advertised anywhere before. I was excited to think I stumbled upon an up and coming new business. Equally excited that a “new” company was out there looking professional. How could I have never heard of them before? They service our industry!

Got to work, looked them up and they are a large multi-state company. Wow. Either way, new or established company – very professional looking.

Do you own a company? Do you have the business name on your vehicle?

I’ve debated it for a long time. Not sure which side I stand on.

Family businesses I’ve been a part of never had to advertise. Currently we have more demand for rentals than we can offer prospective tenants.

I love to wear my shirts or hats, and to hold my drink in one of our can koozies; just not sure we represent with it all over the side of a truck.

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