Move the Needle

What do you want to get better at?

Is it time to take the next step? Maybe you’ve been delaying and it’s just time to get started.

I sat down a few years ago and wrote the start of this blog when I was thinking about my businesses, assets and financial goals.

I found the start of that blog and this is its outcome; and it’s strange because I was already reevaluating my goals and status – what timing?!

At that time, I had started saying my dreams out loud in front of other people. It’s weird how scary that was. It freaks people out. No one I know talks about hopes and dreams. No one creates a plan (or a budget.)

I realized I’d opened myself up to be a failure, but I took action and start working on those goals and dreams.

I’ve put pen to paper several times. I’ve roughed out ideas and have a binder full of notes. I’ve started the framework I need to follow.

I know I am willing to work harder than most to make things happen. I continue to want to grow, and now is the time to move!

What are you doing to move the needle in your life?

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