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2016: The Year of Change Continues…

One thing is for certain in 2016: Halifax has seen a lot of changes.

Halifax is very fortunate to be experiencing more growing pains as we introduce another marketing effort known as Zips Rentals!

Zips Rentals focuses on being a memorable name for people close to campus as they start to think about renting for the upcoming school year.

The first give-away/promotion is ready to go. Keep your beverage cold with a Zips Rentals can koozie! Four colors to choose from.

“We are excited as we continue to grow in 2016,” said Kurt Seifert, President of Halifax Rentals. “From joining three companies and partners; to adding property and a business entity, 2016 has been very busy. We’ve been blessed.”

New can coozie, available in 4 colors.
New an koozie marketing piece, available in 4 colors.
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