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Why do we have more than one company?

Straight from our "About" page:

Halifax Rentals has become our umbrella from which we market our properties and manage our other companies.

The initial company, Halifax Development, was started in late 2003 by three young guys with a dream: Gabe, James and Kurt. The Company was focused on buying, repairing and leasing out student rentals at The University of Akron.

Ten years after Halifax was formed, another group was started to focus on off-campus housing. Patriot Land Holdings was formed by original members Kurt and Gabe, who brought Jeff on board, forming another trio. Two years later, Chris joined the Patriot group.

2014 bought another opportunity, a multi-unit building close to campus. Another company was formed, Halifax673, and brought together all of the investors.

In 2016, everyone involved in the rentals decided to create a company to be the “brand” of the different real estate companies. Halifax Rentals was born.

As investors, we continue to grow our skills and real estate portfolio. Our companies give us different avenues through which we grow our knowledge of buying, repairing, leasing and selling different types of real estate.

Halifax Rentals represents several brands; founded by investors who are focused on growing thier portfolio, serving our tenants and buyers, and giving back to the local community.

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