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Change I believe in.

It’s an election year. Time for catchy slogans and big promises.

Halifax has a been very busy this year. At the beginning of March, I had been holding in the news from friends and family, but enough was certain that I finally revealed it, and it was earth-shattering to hear myself say it: “We have six properties under contract.”

Even with this year poised to be our biggest year, and many things still uncertain, we are looking to add more than those six properties.

Jeff asked me about some properties the other weekend, all listed on the same street.

“We can be the difference,” I said. It wasn’t a flippant statement, it’s how I truly feel.

I continued, “(it’s) just going to take a couple of nicer properties to make the area look better. Then we do our job to find quality tenants, raising the caliber of tenant in the area.”

So here’s to a new philosophy: “Be the change.”

My name is Kurt Seifert, and I approve this message.

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