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Find out more about Zips Rentals

Focused marketing.

The domain has been rolled out by Halifax Rentals as a new way to market its properties to the student rental market at The University of Akron.


The goal is to use to gain more name recognition with students, parents and community members near the campus.

The new logo and domain rolled out in the Fall of 2016.  


Halifax Rentals, was established in 2015 to manage the new identities sub companies that include Halifax Development, Patriot Land Holdings, and Halifax673.


Halifax Rentals is a real estate management company focused on revitalizing the neighborhood South of The University of Akron, and also has interests in several other subdivisions around Akron. Halifax is a focused on reinventing rundown housing and providing residents with great living accommodations.

Serving students.

With housing located South of the University and North of I-77, Halifax has your students rental needs covered. 

Ranging from 1 bedroom, up to 5 bedrooms, we have housing we'd be happy to tell you about. 

Call. View. Sign.

Our reputation and service has keep our housing rented since 2004. 


Year after year, Halifax has found tenants to rent our student housing and they become our best marketing tool - referring us to thier friends. 

We expereince a high Call volume starting in January. So come View our available properties as soon as you can. Then when you find the right fit, Sign a contract - don't wait because we usually have several interested groups at a time and we work on a first come, first served basis. 

We'd be happy to serve you too!  

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