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Xterra Holdings, LLC

Xterra, pronounced [eks ter-uh] 

Kurt will tell you, the name of the Company came easily.


When he said “I want to buy and sell land,” he got the answer “no.”


So forming a name was easy:  X = not + Terra = land


Finding deals, working them, showing profits; still there is no interest from other parties so Kurt operates Xterra independently.


“Lottery tickets,” he was told, “that’s all they are.”


Kurt couldn’t agree more… only they’ve paid off better than any other lottery ticket he’s ever bought.


“Buy dirt, God isn’t making any more of it,” Kurt’s grandpa Army used to say.


Kurt hopes Grandpa would be proud as he continues to buy vacant lots in Akron.


You could see either of these logos on Xterra branded paperwork.

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