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Online payments are now being accepted. 


Click on the PayPal button and proceed to checkout. 

We have a list of our properties online.

To find out more about a property, call to verify availability and set up an appointment to see a house.

Our units are generally rented and we give the current tenants 24 hour notice that we'll be showing their home.

Once you've decided on the property you'd like, we will have you complete a rental application

After acceptance, you sign the lease and we collect a security deposit to reserve the unit.


Do I really need a parental co-signer on the lease? (Students only)

Yes, like the other University rental companies, we require a Parental Co-signer on every rental agreement.


What is the best way to contact you?

If you really want to show interest, call 330.268.6458. And If there is no answer, please leave a message.  

We also like emails: 

If you must, you can text 330.268.6458, but we really prefer old fashion phone calls.


What are your typical lease term dates?

Leases near campus run from August 1 to July 15 with VERY little acception.

Off-campus houses leases don't necessarily run in conjuection with the school year.


Do you accept pets?

Depending on the particular home/unit, we may allow pets. This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

With that said, a cat, dog, or similar pet will require a deposit and/or additional monthly rent. 

Please ask, we will gladly evaluate your situation.

Can I get a satellite dish? 

No. Due to the damage of mounting hardware and drilling wires into the buildings, we no longer allow satellite dishes.


Do you provide window blinds?

For your privacy and safety we generally provide blinds in every room (there are a few minor exceptions).  This means that when you move out, there should still be blinds on those windows and they should not be missing or broken.

What do I need to look into upon moving in?

Check out our "Welcome" letter.

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